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Don The Idea Guy is the resident content manager and marketing geek at Midwest Retail Services. As a professional brainstormer, writer, speaker and business consultant, Don has been lucky enough to connect with a variety of successful business people, sales professionals, authors, and thought-leaders. He's bringing them (and all their valuable insights!) to the Midwest Retail Services blog so they can share their ideas with YOU -- our customer. The marketplace is more competitive than ever and Midwest Retail Services wants to give you every advantage possible to increase your profits and grow your business. We win by helping you win.

Net Neutrality and Retailers

Net Neutrality is a hotly contested issue, with temperatures raised even higher by the use of confusing terminology and misleading labels. There is no denying it can be a complex Continue ReadingNet Neutrality and Retailers

AmazonGo – The Prequel

People have been going ga-ga over the launch of AmazonGo, the retail giant’s new physical store where checkout lines and cash registers will become a thing of the past. Shoppers will Continue ReadingAmazonGo – The Prequel

Bulk Candy Dispensers, Marcus Lemonis, The Profit and Farrell’s Ice Cream

So, I’m watching television over the weekend (I mean… “doing business research”) and catching up on a CNBC series called “The Profit” and about 20 minutes into the program I’m scrambling Continue ReadingBulk Candy Dispensers, Marcus Lemonis, The Profit and Farrell’s Ice Cream

Your Store’s Three Words

my three words

Every January writer, speaker, and business-owner-helper Chris Brogan chooses three words that will frame his focus and energy for the coming year. Hundreds (thousands?) of his fans and followers follow suit. Continue ReadingYour Store’s Three Words

Program your own “Smart Store”

With all the news and technology about the continual emergence of the internet of things, you’re likely becoming quite the smarty-pants. You can buy Smart Phones, Smart Cars, Smart Thermostats, Continue ReadingProgram your own “Smart Store”