Proprietary Inventory Programs for Store Fixtures and Display Accessories

Program Benefits for Multi-Store Retailers: Proprietary Inventory Programs for Store Fixtures and Display Accessories

Availability Challenges

Planning for a multi-store merchandise roll-out can be challenging. One of the challenges is timing the delivery, staging, and installation of the fixture that displays the merchandise.  If a store, or group of stores, has storage capacity to bring in the displays until it is needed, that would be great.  But usually that is not the case.

Retail space is too valuable so storage areas are minimal.  The availability of the display fixture or accessory becomes the real problem.

The new display could be a 4’ fixture, a run of 20’ of displays, or a set of merchandising accessories used to display the product on existing fixtures. For the planned sale or product promotion event, timing is everything!

Ordering your display fixture or accessories from manufacturers is OK as long as the ship date, once established, is not changed.  But, even manufacturers have production issues or raw material issues in producing the units, and that may affect availability.

So what is a proprietary inventory program and why do I need it?

Merchandising TipsA proprietary inventory program is a coordinated effort between retailer and a distributor, to purchase and hold in inventory, display fixtures, and merchandising accessories required for the planned promotional events of the retailer.

Together both parties plan the quantities of fixtures to purchase, and the timing to meet a given event schedule.

The distributor purchases the fixtures, brings them in to assigned inventory, ready for shipment to the retailer at the specified times.

Proprietary inventory programs can run for a specific period of time, or be an on-going program that changes with the retailers semi-annual or annual promotional needs.  Some programs can run for years relieving the retailer of display availability problems, leaving them only the coordination of the actual merchandise.

Tying up the Details

  • Is there an advantage partnering with an experienced multi-line fixture distributor that will place advanced orders for the displays, or accessories required, and will inventory them specifically for the retailer? YES.
  • Will this partnership provide tracking information, handle freight issues, and ship immediately in emergency situations?  YES.
  • Will your distributor partner create invoicing strategies as product is stored or shipped? YES.

Now that the details are handled, shipping to each store becomes routine.

The ultimate answer: A proprietary fixture inventory program

All of the scenarios discussed can be addressed with this type of program, administered by an experienced company. Fixture inventory programs are often equated with pre-paid inventories, tying up retail capital.

The broader view is coordinating a shared balance between cost of the service, use of facilities, the handling, and shipping.  For a retailer, having the displayer or display parts delivered on-time is invaluable because it makes the sale or promotional event a success.

Midwest Retail Services understands the importance of this valuable commodity. We invite you to contact us for more information about our proprietary inventory programs.

Contact Midwest Retail Services today, call 800-576-7577, use our convenient site link, or email us at  One of our shelving experts will be available to help you!




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