Display Fixture Maintenance

Display Fixture Maintenance: The importance of fixture upkeep in your store.

You have purchased, installed, and merchandised your fixtures.

While it may seem like the brunt of the work is behind you, regular maintenance of displays is an absolute necessity for getting the most out of your retail fixtures and accessories. Are you doing all you can to stay on top of display maintenance?

 Display Fixture MaintenanceRegular Cleaning

The accumulation of dust and dirt on display fixtures makes suggestions about your product and your store.

Customers associate dust-covered fixtures and products with dated, undesirable items,which dissuades them from making purchases and limits your sales potential.

Regularly cleaning displays and rotating product prevents the unnecessary build-up of dust and dirt, thus creating an inviting shopping environment for all customers.

Replacing Old Shelves

Even with regular cleaning, display shelving and accessories may eventually become worn and require replacement.

Old fixtures and accessories not only detract from your store’s image but may also pose a risk to consumers and employees alike. Proactive store-owners monitor the condition of fixtures and trim pieces and seek replacement parts before displays become hazardous.

Keeping Displays Full

A Look at Visual DisplaysYour customers expect to find the items they desire on the shelves of your store.

While it is unrealistic to carry every item a customer may want, it is expected that stores keep displays full of product.

  • The regular rotating and restocking of displays provides your customers with the product selection they anticipate.
  • Maintain a suitable inventory that your staff can draw from to keep displays full and customers happy.
    • Additionally, clearly communicate restocking guidelines to employees so that all members of your team can support the maintenance of display fixtures.
  • Staying on top of fixture maintenance does not need to be an overwhelming process – just a schedule to stay current.

With regular cleaning, consistent monitoring, and proactive employees, the maintenance of fixtures and accessories will extend the useful life of fixtures while signaling to customers your commitment to a clean, orderly storefront. When looking for new ways to maintain and update your existing display fixtures, trust the Midwest Retail Services team to provide the solutions to your display maintenance problems.

Our industry specialists can assist you in selecting and updating fixtures, and we understand the ins-and-outs of regular display maintenance.




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