How can I efficiently display merchandise in the smallest space? Ask The Team!

retail merchandising advice for small store spaces

Expert Tips for Maximizing Your Merchandise in Small Spaces

Limited retail space? No problem! Our team of experts is here to help you display the most merchandise in the smallest space efficiently. Read on to discover their unique insights and recommended solutions:

David – Master of Verticality: “Think beyond the horizontal! My favorites are Multi-Use Displays for its adaptability and tiered display options, and cascading crossbars inspired by pet store leash displays, maximizing facings through layered presentations. Don’t forget the Extended Peg Panel for showcasing taller items behind shorter ones on the front, creating a visually appealing and space-saving effect.”

Bob – Consolidation Champion: “Consolidation is key! In Lawn & Garden, group tools together. For Automotive, tier your wiper blades and fan belts. In Electric, use sliding peg panels to organize small parts and simplify product comparisons.”

Matt – Planning Pro: “A well-defined plan-a-gram is crucial. Understanding your product mix helps choose the right accessories. For small shelf items, pusher systems keep things organized. Pegboards or crossbars work well for peg-friendly products. Mix it up with shelves, crossbars, and extended peg panels on gondola sections to maximize SKU count in tight spaces and boost sales.”

4-way mobile floor merchandiserChristian – Mobile Merchandising Maestro: “For displaying diverse products with flexibility, my go-to is the 4-way display. Its mobility allows for easy rearrangements to suit your needs.”

Chris – Island Mastermind: “Depending on your space, consider customizable island runs with pegboard backs. Add a 4-way merchandiser for the ultimate product density and flexibility. Choose lengths from 4′ to 16′ and adjust shelf heights for a perfect fit.”

Stacy – Display Detail Diva: “For organized and visually appealing shelves, I love pusher trays. They’re versatile and keep products facing forward. For longer items, universal crossbars are fantastic. They allow products to hang below each other, maximizing facings per bar.”

universal crossbars from Midwest Retail Services

Expert Takeaways
  • Strategically merchandise related products for better discoverability and sales.
  • Utilize lighting, signage, and color to enhance your displays and attract customers.

Consult with our experts to discuss your specific needs and find the perfect solutions for your unique store layout and product offerings. Let’s turn your limited space into a sales-generating powerhouse!

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