Retail Fixtures – How do you know if you’re getting a “deal”?

You’re opening a new location, or maybe you’ve decided it’s time to update your existing stores. In either case, you’re in the market for new fixtures, and surprise of surprises, they’re not cheap. Fortunately, you seem to have found a bargain. A distributor in your area is running a sale – name brand fixtures at half the price you’ve seen anywhere else. Is this your lucky day? Do you grab this deal before it disappears? Unfortunately, the short answer is “maybe.”

The true cost of the fixtures depends on a variety of factors. Before jumping on the deal, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Can or will the distributor deliver the fixtures when you need them? That 50% discount evaporates if you have to delay your store opening by a few days, a week, or even longer. Will you have to pay extra to get the installation crew to show up on a later date?


  1. What happens if the some of the fixtures arrive damaged? Will the distributor be able to provide replacements immediately, or will you have to wait weeks or months? In the meantime, will there be an adverse impact on your sales?


  1. Does the distributor have all of the parts and pieces you need? If not, where will you get the missing pieces and what will you have to pay for them? Missing hooks, screws, connectors and other parts quickly translate into high value inventory sitting in your back room rather than on the floor.

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