Retail Trends for 2019 | 10 Items or Less

The industry experts have a lot of ideas about the trends they feel will prove popular for retailers in 2019. Many of the trends identified are the same (or similar) between these industry notable, but one or two among the crowd were brave enough to go out on a limb and pose a long shot.

In this edition of 10 Items or Less we’ve collected some of the best of these predicted trends below, complete with links to the original sources so that you can get the full scoop. If you agree or disagree (or have a few trends of your own that you’d like to contribute) we hope you’ll add your comments below or comment via our shared links on Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook.

Predicted Trends for the Retail Industry in 2019

5 Trends That Will Redefine Retail in 2019
Our top picks to watch: Brands As A Culture, Rise Of Subscription E-Commerce

10 Retail Trends to Watch in 2019
Our top picks to watch: Retail As A Service, Private Label Growth

Vend’s Retail Trends and Predictions 2019
Our top picks to watch: Workforce Investment, Productive Small Format Stores

5 Retail Trends That Will Transform the Industry in 2019
Our top picks to watch: Selling In-Store Experiences (and Not Just Products), Consumers Will Use Bots to Research Products and Make Purchases

3 Surprising Retail Trends That Emerged From NRF’s Big Show
Our top picks to watch: Reimagining The Purpose Of A Store, Voice Commerce

FastCompany took a contrarian approach — they published an article titled “4 Retail Trends That Need To Die in 2019“.
We kind of agreed with: Monochromatic Stores, Instagrammable Pop-Ups

Hope you enjoyed this collection of new ideas in the retail industry and will weigh in on the ones you believe will make a difference in the coming year (as well as the ones you think won’t make a difference at all).

These 10 Items or Less posts are an express lane cart full of the best retail industry articles and ideas that are on our radar (and the ones we think should be on your radar as well). Let us know if you like our like these article round-up collections, and we look forward to sharing more of them with you in the coming year.

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