The Importance of Seasonal Merchandising

The Importance of Seasonal Merchandising: How Display Shelving Makes It Happen

Every retailer knows the sales opportunity of seasonal products. No matter what type of retail store you manage, the most effective way to connect with your customers and increase sales is by focusing on the visual aspect of your products. The right display technique and display shelving can make or break any sale.

Display ShelvingChanging your setups throughout the year is also essential.  In fact, your shelving displays should look different every season, and also enhance your customer’s experience.  Your mix of seasonal products is what keeps your store looking fresh and your display shelving should augment that excitement for all your seasonal products.

Using Steel Shelving

Steel units are versatile and easy to work with to change the look of your displays each season. To draw customers to specific seasonal products, for example, use radius shelves.

Radius shelves create a focal point within the fixture run, or, on an end cap. The extra shelf depth and smooth curve really attracts attention.

Using angled shelves, wire or glass shelves also creates a unique look for certain products. Pin-on pegboard overlays can add color and seasonal graphics to your displays.

Slatwall panels provide another opportunity to dress-up sections of shelving dedicated for seasonal displays year-round.

Using Slatwall Shelving

Retail ShelvingTake advantage of these stylish shelving units with laminate, Duron, or glass shelves.

Add colored snap-in slatwall insert strips for more attraction.  Use popular gondola style units, small H-units, or spinner units to zoom in on seasonal products. Slatwall displayers will draw customers towards products that they can use on spring break or summer road trips for example.

And, these fixtures look good in any seasonal merchandising effort!

Using Bulk Floor Displays

Seasonal Merchandise ShelvingBulk merchandising is another great way to move seasonal products, and platform displays can make it happen.

Bulk merchandisers keep product within a defined floor space reducing ‘product creep’ into adjacent aisle space. These versatile displayers come in various sizes appropriate for all types of bulk products.

Most platforms are metal for weight and durability, but heavy-duty, recyclable molded plastic is equal to the task.

Spring is turning to summer so now is the time to highlight products that emphasize fun and the outdoors! These are just some of the ways that your shelving can affect merchandising changes from one season to the next.

With the right merchandise and displays, your customers will enjoy their shopping experience, keeping them loyal to your store, and coming back for more.

For more information about seasonal shelving options, contact Midwest Retail Services today, call 800-576-7577, or email us at  One of our shelving experts will be available to help you!




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