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Stylish Gondola End Caps: Store Fixtures and Customer Perceptions

Important Real-Estate

Gondola end caps are a vital part of retail merchandising. Sales of a productive end cap will exceed 5 times the inventory turns, compared to regular shelving.

End caps feature new products, sale items, special buys, or product themes.  Placed at each end of gondola runs, they are the first thing customers see when entering every aisle of the store.  It is imperative retailers develop this important real-estate.

A customer’s perception of your store is greatly influenced by how you use your end caps.

Convenience Store ShelvingAdding Excitement

Make end caps exciting to look at. Use bold merchandising statements, display new products, and create special promotions, for every end cap. Add color, special signage, or props to grab more attention. Make sure products on end caps are worth the attention, and compel customers to purchase.

The Options

  • Manufacturer developed end caps:

Many manufacturers develop free-standing end cap fixtures to display their products, replacing a standard end cap fixture.  Well designed, these fixtures will fit in the space normally occupied by a standard end cap.  Be cautious if the display exceeds the allocated space.  Uniformity of end cap size increases customer comfort and lessening the potential for a tripping hazard.

  • Retailer developed end caps:

Retailers shine using their own ingenuity and creativity when working with standard fixture end caps.  End cap color and finish, coordinated with décor or theme, is a cost effective way to draw attention.  What do you do? Use colorful back panels, back panel overlays, or change the style of end cap back panels, to attract customers.

Colorful signage and graphics will add more punch either above or on the shelf tag.  To attract greater attention, create theme oriented end caps, combining product types that tell a story or create a feeling.  Example, an end cap with grill accessories and picnic supplies will get an emotional response from customers anxious to get the season underway.  So, let your imagination prevail!

If your store has standard color gondola shelving, you can still create exciting end caps.  How?  Make a small investment for end cap shelving with new finishes to differentiate it from other shelving.  So what’s new?  Finishes like Dark Rust and Classic Copper give a rustic and textured look to the shelving. Special colors like Primary Red, Valencia, Tuscan Olive, and Hunter Green, all adding an exciting dimension to a display.

The Payoff

For end caps, it is about attracting attention, and once you have it, don’t disappoint your customer.  For positive customer perception, keep your end caps looking great by having them well stocked and organized.  Offer value with name brand products or the introduction of a new product.  Create end cap themes with a mix of products that cross-sell one another.  For your bottom line, the effort and investment in end cap displays is worth it.

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