Store Fixtures and Customer Perceptions: Stylish Gondola Shelving

Stylish Gondola Shelving: Exciting Perceptions

Can gondola shelving be exciting? In itself, maybe not, but it is a necessary part of retail merchandising.  Durable with a long-life, steel shelving will be with a store for a long time.  Because of the initial investment, retailers are reluctant to update their shelving, often waiting beyond the point where it should be replaced.

But shelving displays products customers buy, and it is where sales and profits are made.  There is more interaction here, between customer and products, than at any other point.  As a result, a customer’s perception will depend on the display shelving and the display.

Making it stylish

Display shelving should enhance your image and not detract from it.  Steel shelving will be more exciting when it is part of the décor or theme of your store.

How do you add Style? Color is an effective and a cost saving method to add style.  Other style choices are back panels, including slatwall, grid, and laminate panels.  Add interest and contrast with back panel finishes that match or are complementary to the shelving unit. Want even more style?  Embellish shelves with a laminate surface or carpet.

The Issue

Display FixturesManufacturer:

  • Every manufacturer of gondola shelving has a standard color that is display neutral, meaning it neither enhances nor detracts from the products it displays.  Manufacturers indirectly push the standard color by having it more readily available and with no added charges.


  • Rather than commit to a décor or theme, retailers play it safe, sticking with a standard fixture color and finish.  But successful retailers know they must differentiate themselves from their competition.

This is accomplished with special products, or mix of products, building design, unique floor plans and lighting, all necessary components of differentiation.  But equal attention must be made where the product lives, on the display fixture.

The Color and Finish Solution

Shelving manufacturers do offer a good selection of colors if requested.  Custom colors are even available.  These colors do involve a setup fee and additional charges per part, but it Convenience Store Shelvingmay not be cost prohibitive.

Even adding an accent component of the shelving in a different color can create visual interest to the fixture and the products on it. Regardless of cost, color has a big impact on a stores look and sales performance.

Blending the display fixtures into the overall color scheme sets the tone for the entire sales floor and contributes to a customer’s positive perception of your store.

Bottom line, grab the opportunity to add color and finish to your display fixtures to be a part of your retail theme or décor; it’s worth it!

For more information about shelving color and back panel options, contact Midwest Retail Services today, call 800-576-7577, or email us at  One of our shelving experts will be available to help you!

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