Uniweb Pharmacy Cabinet Beats The Bad Guys


Just how secure is a locking pharmacy cabinet?

A pharmacy client of Midwest Retail Services recently had four new Uniweb locking cabinets installed on a weekend, and as fate would have it their store was burglarized the following Wednesday.

Based on the details shared with us by the pharmacy owner, the thieves attempted to break into one of new locking cabinets. While they finally succeeded in damaging the door and locking bar with a crowbar — I’m deducing they used a BLUE crowbar based on the paint transfer in the images provided below (hey, I watch CSI…) — they failed miserably at actually getting inside the first pharmacy cabinet quick enough to justify attempting to break into the remaining three cabinets and still have time to escape being apprehended by the police.

We are told the first cabinet didn’t contain any pharmaceuticals of value to the burglars, as they left all the inventory in the cabinet. The time it took for them to break into the first cabinet didn’t allow the would-be crooks the luxury of sticking around and trying their luck on any of the others Uniweb locking cabinets, so they completely abandoned any attempt to break into the other Rx fixtures.

Our customer shared a few of the photos with us, and while you can see the bent locking bar, twisted metal on a section of the door, etc. the effort of inflicting this level of damage wasn’t worth the precious time it took to cause it, and the thieves made a hasty exit after their failure.


Uniweb suggested replacing the entire door in order to get the unit back to 100% condition, and we hope our customer’s insurance will help cover the replacement, but isn’t it nice to know that thousands of dollars in pharmaceuticals remained safely in the pharmacy’s possession due to their wise decision to upgrade the security of their prescription drug storage?

At Midwest Retail Services, we often talk about Uniweb being an excellent investment for pharmacies of any size in terms of product organization, fulfillment efficiency, and simply being a high quality Rx fixture, but now we have a real-life example of just how tough and secure these pharmacy fixtures can keep your products even after your pharmacy is closed for the night.

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