Benefits from Purchasing Store Fixtures from Leading Supplier/Distributor

A Retailer Should Understand the Benefits before They Purchase

Every retailer understands that an attractive store with good looking displays keep customers coming back.

A Customer’s experience begins at the entrance.  It only takes ten feet and ten seconds for a customer to know if they like what they see and feel.  If you succeed in capturing those first ten feet and ten seconds, then the rest of the experience is interacting with product, displays, and store staff.  Product and fixture displays must work hand-in-hand to produce the right experience and a sale.

For new retail store owners the purchase of display fixtures warrants special attention.

The Top benefits from purchasing from a leading and reputable fixture supplier or distributor include:

  1. Industry knowledge of the most suitable fixtures for your type of store
  2. Understanding merchandising and requirements of proper display
  3. Top level service from knowledgeable and skilled staff
  4. Ability to offer multiple fixture styles and brand names for highest quality
  5. Purchasing power that provides quantity discounts
  6. Best long-term support for servicing needs when you need it

A leading fixture supplier should be able to help answer how a product can best be displayed.  Understanding merchandising, plan-o-grams, and retail display fixtures are necessary to provide the best solutions for retailer display and layout challenges.  A skilled customer service staff knows what questions to ask in order to obtain the best results for your fixture dollar.

Check that your fixture supplier offers more than just one brand to meet your needs.  Superior suppliers will offer multiple brands, providing the broadest selection of displays and accessories.  If you need a fixture that does not exist, how will your supplier handle that?

Custom designed retail fixtures are available and often at a reasonable price.  Many suppliers do not handle this type of business or do not have the expertise to do so.

Leading suppliers have greater purchasing power with manufacturers due to higher buying volume.  Manufacturers trust distributors to recommend the best product match, product representation, and will offer greater discounts.  These deeper discounts are often passed on to retailers.

Lastly, leading suppliers and distributors have longevity. They will be around when additional products are needed.  Working with a supplier who cares to know you and your retail operation creates an understanding that best serves your business.  Leading suppliers are in business for the long-haul, to earn your trust, and, help grow your business.

Be sure to visit us at Midwest Retail Services and call our experts that will help you in this process. Remember, knowledge is the power that brings value to your decisions.  Please call us today at 800-576-7577, or email to

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