Tips for Grocery Store Shelving and Product Placement

The grocery store business can be challenging with lots of display shelving options.

Because people have many options when it comes to buying food, the store shelving layout and the way products are displayed can set your store apart and increase profitability.

Take Advantage of Shelving Height

Grocery Store ShelvingMost grocery stores utilize a four-tiered system on 84” high shelving. Specialty brands and unique products go on the top shelves. These should be items that set your store apart from the rest.

A little lower, in prime eye-level real estate, place your best-sellers—the old-standby, trusted brands that shoppers pick up on impulse.  Just below adult eye-level is “kid’s eye level”.

Depending on product category, place items that are marketed towards children here, who hopefully will beg their parents to purchase.

Finally, reserve the bottom shelves for products where people will do a little extra searching, like bulk quantities and discount brands.

Use Distance and Shelving to Your Advantage

Grocery Store Shelving

This is one of the oldest strategies for grocery store layout. The front of your store should be used to immediately delight and inspire shoppers, setting the mood for their trip.  Get people feeling good from the get-go in produce by using colorful and attractive merchandising displays. Wine displays, in particular, can affect mood and inspire images of fun and relaxation.

Moving farther into the store customers will find more staple items. Long shelving aisles force customers to view shelves and shelves of potential impulse products.

The back of your store should hold destination items that people buy often, like dairy, bread, and eggs.

Keep Your Customers on Their Toes

Grocery Store ShelvingIt can be easy for regular shoppers to go on autopilot, getting what they need and getting out of your store before your product and shelving placement has a chance to work its charm.

This is why you need to change things up here and there.

Even a slight adjustment to product or shelving, like mixing up the apple varieties or changing a retail display fixture, can be enough to nudge people out of their complacency and spur a little curiosity.

End-cap fixtures are particularly effective for changing the appearance of your store without taking up too much time shuffling items around.

The Sum is Greater Than Its Parts

People may not do much home cooking these days, but it comforts them to at least think that they will. Grouping products together on unique displays is a recipe to excite shoppers.

You’d be surprised at how easily you can get someone to throw three, four, or five items into their cart at once, simply by reminding them of the ingredients  used to make a pizza, and making it easy for them to grab them all at once.

If you are looking to revamp the appearance and effectiveness of your grocery store shelving, contact Midwest Retail Services for more industry advice and an extensive selection of shelving options.  Call 800-576-7577, email to, or go to Contact Us.



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