Customer Convenience and Experience Increased by Shopping Baskets

Customer Convenience and Experience Increased by Shopping Baskets: Hand Carry and Rolling Baskets

Is your customer running into your store for a quick shopping trip?

Are you making it easy for them to shop?

Whether you run a large, medium, or small retail space, the right shopping basket allows your customers to navigate and shop your store easily. You can improve your customer’s convenience and experience with hand-carry shopping baskets.

Convenience and Experience:

The hurried shopper wants convenience. Customers need to know they can make a quick trip to your store, get the items they need, and carry them to the check out, quickly. Sure, we want them to fill a cart, but not all trips to the store are for regular shopping. Many times it is about something they forgot, or something new needed in a hurry.  These shoppers will gravitate to a hand carry shopping basket, if they take a basket at all.

  • The casual shopper is a bit more leisurely.
  • They will stroll through aisles wanting a few select items for that evening’s meal or special occasion.
  • Pushing a cart around is not comfortable and defeats the easygoing experience they want.
  • Picking up a shopping basket as they enter the store keeps the relaxed feeling going and the mood casual.
  • It becomes an entertaining experience vs. a shopping task to get the week’s shopping done.

When it comes to shopping, customers want either experience or convenience at different times.  When offering a large or small cart, hand-carry or rolling basket, make sure you are providing the easiest shopping method that matches their expectation at any given time.

Carry it or Pull it:

The hand-carry shopping basket remains essential for convenience and experience, but now it comes with wheels. Rolling baskets are similar to the rolling carry-on luggage we know and love.

These are real a convenience for the shopper.

Rolling baskets are larger, allowing shoppers to put a few more items into the basket when compared to a hand-carry basket. And, most importantly, rolling baskets allow customers to continue shopping when the basket is no longer comfortable to carry by hand.

This is especially true if you have a small store where shopping carts are not an option.

A hand or rolling basket can increase your customer’s ability to carry more products to the checkout lane increasing your sales volume per customer.

Midwest Retail Services supplies retailers with long-lasting and reliable products to enhance their business.

We offer a complete line of shopping baskets, rolling baskets, metal mesh baskets, metal shopping and plastic shopping carts.  All baskets and carts are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Ask us what style of shopping cart or basket will best suite your retail space.  Call 800-576-7577, or at Contact-Us.




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