Displays for C-Stores: Convenience Store Shelving

Convenience Store Shelving


Because of their smaller footprints, convenience store customers navigate a more confined space and can experience either ‘real convenience’ or a store that feels claustrophobic and hard to shop. A store’s gondola shelving, combined with select specialty displays, can play a huge part in shopability.

Shelving Basics

Convenience Store ShelvingSelf-service areas for coffee and prepared food items generally feel more spacious than areas with rows of shelving.  Shelving height and shelf depth will vary based on store size and the breadth and depth of products.

Finding the right balance between physical space and product density is critical.

Establish the shelving layout that will fit the basic product mix, and then add other merchandisers for highlighting certain products or categories. Good planning will reduce the need for manufacturer displays that can clutter your aisles creating an obstacle course.

The easier your customer can move around, view products, and make that convenient purchase, the better your sales and profits.

Fixture Height

It is no secret that taller gondolas will handle more merchandise. However, height may compromise security if the staff cannot see store shoppers.  Visibility is sometimes increased with an elevated cash register and service area.  Fixture height should be between 54” and 66”.  You must be comfortable with the final fixture height you select. Know that it is easier to add height than subtract it later.

Fixture Depth

  • Gondola shelving depth is usually shallow using 12” to 16” base shelves on either side of the display fixture.
  • Smaller base depth shelves can make the difference in fitting in an extra gondola run as well as maintaining proper aisle widths in smaller spaces.
  • Space gained can also allow for one deeper fixture to handle bulk beverages.
  • Shallow shelves also mean less inventory depth per item.  However, match the shelving depth to the inventory and product facings desired.

Shelving Finish

Another consideration in planning your c-store is display fixture finish.  Main runs of gondola can be a standard neutral finish or a common finish that matches the general color scheme of the store.

Gondolas with a special finish can accent a selected product category within your store.  The accent fixture creates more visual interest and will draw customers to the products on it.  Shelving manufacturers have several color palettes to choose from.

Manufacturer and Impulse Displayers

Manufacturer and Impulse DisplayersControl the use of manufacturer displays.  Often they are supplied free with the product and are designed exclusively to visually enhance that manufacturer’s product.

Caution should be used if the display interferes with traffic flow or detracts significantly from other displays.  Many times a generic display fixture will fit into your layout better and provide more merchandise flexibility.

Wine is a good example where generic wood or metal wine displays blend in but still have visual appeal to customers.

Impulse product displayers, used sparingly, can produce positive results.  A key factor is keeping this kind of display fully merchandised, clean, and not in the way.  For example, keep your checkout clear of too many countertop impulse displays.

A crowded checkout, where there is barely room for a customer’s purchase, should raise a red flag.  Better to have impulse products grouped together at a checkout fixture designed to accommodate them.




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