Displays on Wheels: Making it Mobile!

Displays on Wheels: Making purchase displays Mobile!

The world of store fixtures moves and changes pretty fast. Typically, fixtures become permanent over time, and unless you plan a major remodel or reset, they tend to look outdated.

By going mobile, you give yourself options. Having fixtures on wheels or casters is nothing new, but having a majority of the store on wheels is.  Some major retailers are implementing this mobile concept. As a retailer, it gives you so much more flexibility by going with mobile displays.

Keep it Fresh:
  • Keep your store looking fresh and updated
  • Change the look of your space at anytime
  • Move merchandise you want to promote to the front of the store or next to the main aisle
  • Change the layout and shopping patterns of your store
Keep it Functional:
  • Create your own queuing system to the registers to encourage impulse buys
  • Use the Mobile shelving to display additional products, in turn adding more SKU’s to increase sales
  • Seasonal merchandise can be changed out quickly and stored
  • Easier to clean under and around, since its mobile
  • Most have locking casters, so they are as permanent or mobile as you need them to be.
Provide more Options:
  • Get instant space for instructional classes or demonstrations by easily moving display runs
  • Relocate displays every few days to keep customers seeing something new
  • Smaller mobile displays can be changed out quickly for new products or to create a focal point
  • Mobile cash stands, with built-in display shelves, gives you extra seasonal selling power
Retail Shelving

Rolling displays are convenient and versatile.  You are able to move these fixtures from one location to the next, which makes adding new displays fast and easy. Mobile store fixtures can be purchased in many styles, making it easy for you choose one that fits your store’s needs.

So next time you are in need for new fixtures, we strongly encourage asking the question, “Does it come with the option of wheels”?.

The expert staff at Midwest Retail Services has a number of solutions to assist you with your retail fixture needs including:  Gondolas on wheels, stacking baskets on casters, 4-way merchandisers, wire dump bin displays, and many more ways to mobilize a whole variety of shelving products. So give us a call and let one of our knowledgeable sales representatives help you get things moving!


Contact us at info@mw-rs.com, 800-576-7577, or at Contact-Us.

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