Getting the Right Size Display Shelving

Part 2 of 4: Getting the Right Size Display Shelving

The New Verses Used Steel Display Shelving Challenge


Part 1 of this series discussed issues that need to be considered when looking at purchasing new vs. used steel gondola style store shelving from a going-out-of-business store.

Part 2 looks at the dimensions (height, width, depth) of the fixtures for purchase.  Determining fixture sizes is a priority when purchasing any display fixtures but when purchasing used equipment, this important element is too often ignored. Keep your purchase decision based on the fixture’s size to meet your merchandising needs rather than just on price.


Match the Display Fixtures to optimize the elements of retail performance:

  1. Buying new means you can tailor the fixture size (height, width & shelf depths) to your retail store space and the products you are merchandising. This handles the product assortment you need along with the inventory level that helps profitability.
  2. Buying used means managing your retail store space, products, and inventory to match the fixtures size.  Buying used shelving “as is” is the norm.

Ideally, whether new or used, a correct sized display fixture will:

  • match the retail space available
  • work within the store’s required layout
  • handle product type and assortments
  • match inventory levels
  • support the store image that is desired

The benefit of new display fixtures is building with a clean slate.  You have the full range and capability of the display fixture supplier to maximize your merchandising efforts. The risk of purchasing used equipment is that one or more of the above elements may be compromised.

More disconcerting is a store that does not meet expectations.

The decision for used fixtures is the possible lower up-front cost, but there is risk in not maximizing potential sales.  In other words, at what point do used display fixtures really cost more than new fixtures.

Part 3 will cover fixture brand, how to identify, and how that will impact your decision when purchasing used fixtures.  The final Part 4 will look at the impact of new vs. used store fixtures on store image, function, and long-term value.

Be sure to visit us at Midwest Retail Services and call our experts that will help you in this process. Remember, knowledge is the power that brings value to your decisions.  Please call us today at 800-576-7577.


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