Driving Traffic to Local Convenience Stores

Consolidation of major chains in convenience over the last 7 years has changed the convenience store market, and leaves independent and small chain owners wondering how they can compete against chains with this buying power and volume. The C-Store channel has an opportunity right now to take advantage of a smaller foot print to give the customer what they need in a quick, efficient, convenient manner.

  1. Product Display Matters: Dilapidated, dusty, dirty store fixtures say that product is out of date and the consumer experience is unimportant. Shelves and pegboard can easily be replaced to make sure that the fixtures seem like new. Space your fixtures to optimize customer traffic. Use store fixtures and displays to flow traffic to your focus category.
  2. Be a Category Master: Pare your assortment to items that drive traffic and items that are new. Choose a category focus and go deep in that category: Candy, Craft Beer, Tobacco, CBD. You will drive consumers with a love of that category in to the store. PS – work with your CPG reps to talk through trends in the local area
  3. Be a Clean Freak: Clean your bathrooms, fix leak marks on the ceiling, scrub your floors, no mildew in the coolers. A focus on a clean store communicates safety in a pandemic and a care for the consumer experience.
  4. Light It Up: Make sure that every light in the store is functioning, both in the ceiling and on the fixtures. A well-lit store with a clear line of site help customers to feel secure and encourage them to stay longer.
  5. Avoid Eye Pollution: Think about a minimalist approach with designated areas only for contract signing. Less is more! A store with every window covered with signs and price points is confusing and the information that you really need to communicate is not taken in.
  6. Have a Friendly Staff: A well trained, efficient staff make a world of difference and can drive add on sales.

For more information on creative solutions for convenience stores, please visit us at www.midwestretailservices.com/convenience

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