Triple-A Rating. Would Your Customers Give it?

Every day your employees show customers that they are worthy of their time and attention. The following are three areas for your team to focus on in order to maintain a AAA rating for your company.

A= Attitude
Sometimes customers receive the “I have had a bad day” attitude from employees. Three out of four customers leave a store because of impolite, inattentive salespeople. The customer doesn’t deserve that treatment. Your store is like a stage and the employees are the actors. Every day is “opening night”. Leave your problems outside the door and polish your performance. It’s time to WOW the audience.

Always be aware of what is going on around you. Sometimes sales associates feel that they are in a bubble behind the service desk, never to move or approach a customer. That may have been true years ago, but not now. Employees have to perform many tasks and take care of the customers. The old saying, “You need eyes in the back of your head” has never been truer. Be on alert, your customer is watching!

Actors can tell whether they have the audience’s attention. All eyes are on them. The audience is riveted to their every word. There is nothing else happening that is more important than that relationship between the audience and the actor. This is no different than the relationship between the customer and the sales associate. Greeting the customer, making eye contact, listening to their needs and finding a way to satisfy their wants is part of being a good audience.

These three words are the basis for good employee training.
Have a positive attitude, always be aware of your customer (whether in your store or on the phone), and most importantly — be the audience that is sensitive to your customer needs.

This is your retail insurance.
And you can bank on it!
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