Display Fixtures: Selecting a Manufacturer or Distributor

Display Fixtures: Selecting a Manufacturer or Distributor & Finding the Right Fit

Regardless of the size retail store you own or manage, you need display fixtures and merchandising accessories to operate your business. While the primary concern for many retailers is the cost of fixtures, where you buy them from is arguably more important. A common fixture misconception is that to get a good price and good service, you must buy factory direct.

If your annual fixture budget exceeds a half-million dollars, this likely holds true.

But what if you are not a million dollar purchaser? Unfortunately, factory direct sales programs might not favor your program. Factory sales reps are constantly under pressure to garner large clients that meet or exceed their assigned dollar threshold. Combined with a commission-based pay system, factory reps often experience larger motivation to cater their services to large customers. When looking for a few shelves or fixtures to fill your 4500 sq.ft. store, you may not get the attention you deserve.

Your fixture purchase volume simply may not be the best fit for factory direct sales.

Display Fixtures: Selecting a Manufacturer or DistributorFor these reasons, distributors and resellers often present a better option for small and mid-sized retailers. It’s important to understand the difference between a distributor and a reseller; distributors are usually factory authorized and stock the manufacturer’s product. Resellers often buy from distributors or in some cases the factory but do not stock the product. An authorized stocking distributor or non-stocking reseller can both serve retailers well. It is the fit that counts.

To understand what fits your style and fixture requirements, you’ll first want to reflect on your retail program and expectations. When selecting your retail fixture provider, seek out a distributor or reseller who meets or exceeds these requirements.

Beneath the surface, resellers and distributors may join forces and support one another, but sometimes they are competitors. In either case, there will be differences in service level, buying power, depth of inventory, and breadth of display selections available.

The bottom line is, if you buy direct from a factory, you get what the factory makes. If you buy from a distributor, you may find fixtures from multiple manufacturers, which ensures you’re finding the best-fit fixtures for your store.

It’s about what fits your need and personality, and which company best matches these qualities.

For more information about how we can surpass your service and display expectations, contact Midwest Retail Services today. Call 800-576-7577, use our convenient site link, or email us at info@mw-rs.com. A fixture display specialist will be available to help you! Our only goal is to be the best fit for you and your business.



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