Custom Display Accessory Solutions

Why custom doesn’t mean costly.

Display Accessory SolutionsThe word ‘custom-made’ is all too often synonymous with high cost.

As people, we tend to relate ‘custom-made’ to luxury items like built-in cabinets for our homes or special drapes designed for the living room.As retailers, customization relates to displays designed to merchandise expensive, high profile, or specific name brand products.

In either context, the misconception persists that a custom display accessory is inherently expensive.

Less Can Mean More

A custom display accessory can actually cost you less overall than purchasing a standard display.

Firstly, the proper custom display solutions can be less costly than standard displays in the design and manufacturing processes.

custom display accessory Additionally, a custom display allows you to optimize your merchandising, thus generating more sales revenue.  You can see an even greater return on investment if the custom accessory is universal. A universal display accessory can be used with different brands of display fixtures while perfectly fitting the product it is designed to display.

When properly executed, a custom display accessory…

  • Maximizes a product’s salability
  • Creates display uniformity
  • Provides universal fit across different fixture brands
  • Utilizes economy of scale
  • Displays more product at a lesser cost

Parameters of a Custom Display Accessory

Custom display accessories are an effective way to dynamically display any product.

When setting parameters for your custom display or accessory, determine your goal and how you would like your fixture to support the sale of your product.

Next, determine how the fixture or accessory must interact with other displays.  Additionally, determine what inventory level the display accessory must handle along with any weight capacity requirements.

Other considerations may include:

  • Is the display temporary?
  • Used for a limited-time special sale event?
  • Or perhaps is it used for a seasonal display?
  • Or is the fixture used to sustain a long-term effort for increased market share?

Answers to these questions will greatly affect the design and manufacturing processes and help ensure you get the most from your custom fixture or accessory.

GETTING RESULTScustom displayer

Once your custom displayer is rolled out and installed in your stores, it is time to track sales to see how actual results compare to  projected results.

Studying feedback by gauging customers’ reactions is also an effective measure of a display’s effectiveness.

custom displayerCombining the power of a marketing campaign with your new display roll-out helps draw consumer attention and creates a satisfied customer who is easily able to find, select, and purchase the products as advertised.

There are many ways to enhance a single product or category of product through the use of custom displayers and accessories.  Creating a merchandising display accessory that truly handles a product in such a way as to enhance product visibility, shopability, and brand recognition is a win-win.

Our invitation:

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Our goal is the success of your merchandising display solution.




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