Important New Location and Shipping News

We made the big announcement a while back, but we’re thrilled to share the news that moving day is upon us! In order to better serve our customers, we have Continue ReadingImportant New Location and Shipping News

Net Neutrality and Retailers

Net Neutrality is a hotly contested issue, with temperatures raised even higher by the use of confusing terminology and misleading labels. There is no denying it can be a complex Continue ReadingNet Neutrality and Retailers

Halloween Spending Will Be Wicked Awesome! 10 items or less

We all have that queue of articles we’ve been saving to read when we have an extra minute, and those websites we’ve bookmarked to visit later when we have the Continue ReadingHalloween Spending Will Be Wicked Awesome! 10 items or less

AmazonGo – The Prequel

People have been going ga-ga over the launch of AmazonGo, the retail giant’s new physical store where checkout lines and cash registers will become a thing of the past. Shoppers will Continue ReadingAmazonGo – The Prequel

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