How can I customize retail gondola shelves? Ask The Team!

Just because you’re working from a spartan budget doesn’t mean you don’t have options to customize the look and feel of your retail store shelves. Many straight-out-the-catalog products sometimes have “hidden upgrades”  that are available for little (or no) additional cost, but the best time to ask is as early in the process as possible.

If your Midwest Retail Services partner knows what you want in advance — even if you think it’s a pie in the sky request — Midwest Retail can our their best to get you what you really want for what you really have in your fixture roll out budget.

So, if you need an answer to the question:

What are some ways I can customize my store’s standard gondola shelves?

All you need to do is… Ask The Team!

Gary Kroneberger, Sales Executive
The thing that is so often overlooked is the number options for standard gondola shelves and how just these basic options can be utilized to customize their appearance to the benefit of retailers.

  1. There are gondola shelves that go straight into the upright and some that have to be tilted up to install into the uprights. Why is this so significant? When you use a shelf that goes straight into the upright, you will save time and money when you are re-merchandising your store by never having to de-merchandise the shelf above the shelf you are re-merchandising. Pretty basic, but very significant over the life of a shelf.
  2. Gondola shelves have an up-slant, flat or 90-degrees, as well as different degrees of down-slants to choose from. When you merchandise different types of product, there is more to your shelf than you may realize!
  3. Most gondola shelves have 2 or 3 rows of perforations on the front and back of the shelf, they are 1/2″ or 1″ on center depending on the manufacturer. The perforations are for wire fencing, front to back wire dividers, acrylic dividers and fencing, shelf talkers, and baskets just to name a few. If you don’t see what you want, ask us for a custom solution.
  4. Most shelves have a ticket molding that is 1-1/4″ to accept pricing labels. This can also be used to highlight your shelves with different colored plastic inserts to make an area stand out. You can even snap in a wood lip to the front of your shelf! Check this page of our website for a full array of Shelf Channel Accessories.
  5. There are several different colors you can choose from for your shelves. Imagine 5 shelves, all different colors, and in the same section (what a novel way to merchandise paint!)

Matt Ray, President
custom-gondola-back-panelGondola shelving does not need to be basic beige. You can add color without breaking the bank. One area that can create some “pop” is the back panel. Back panels do not need to match the color of the shelves. Using a different color can create some visual interest.

Another great option is laminated back panels. This is a more cost effective option than slatwall and opens up a great deal of creativity. Woodgrains, bright colors, and special patterns are all options with laminates. If you want to step up for gondola shelving for improved branding, back panels can be custom printed to include company logos, product images, or special imagery to attract customers to your products on the shelf.

Mike Welsh, Customer Sales
The easiest way to make your gondola pop is to add color to the fixture. Most fixture manufacturers like Lozier, Madix, and Streater will paint your fixtures from a limited color pallet. To expand on that theme, slatwall panels come in an almost unlimited amount of colors, finishes and inserts. Depending upon your budget, this is the easiest way to personalize your fixtures.

Chris Bell, Sales Representative
Here are some great ways to customize a retail store fixture…

  • Color
    Mix and match colors within the same Gondola. Make the backs a different color then the shelves and vice versa. There are many back options and color options available.
  • Shelf Options
    Radius Shelves are an excellent way to make a fixture stand out. They can Radius inward and outward to create a unique look. Bullnose Shelves, Flush fronts, Wrap around shelves, or cover a shelf with a laminate. Paint the tag molding and different color then the shelf. There are many options and choices available.
  • Lighting
    Add some LED lighting to any section of your store to create attention. Midwest Retail Services offers lights that secure to the underside of the shelf using magnets. Just plug them in to any outlet and your all set.

Those are just a few ideas. Need more?
Give us a call and let’s bounce around a few more ideas for customizing your store fixtures!

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