Five Myths of Gondola Shelving

Five Myths of Gondola Shelving: A shelf, is a shelf, is a shelf, right?

  1. Myth: They are all the same.

If you add the word ‘engineered’ to this sentence, it reads, “they are all engineered the same”. Clearly, like products are not engineered in the exact same manner. While the end product might look and feel the same, we know that each manufacturer engineers their gondola shelving in a unique way.

The unique engineering of a manufacturer’s gondola shelving not only differentiates it from its competitors but also provides specific benefits that cater to different types of stores. Finding the benefits that best align with your program ensures you’ll get the most out of your gondola shelving.

So remember- all gondola shelving is not the same.

  1. Myth: Most shelves will fit most gondola units.Five Myths of Gondola Shelving

Imagine you are looking at the shelf slotting on a prospective shelving unit, and it is 1” on-center. Because this is the most common slotting for gondola fixtures, you buy it. Eight months later, you go online to purchase generic shelves that fit the 1” on-center criteria.

When the shelves arrive, you find that they don’t fit like the shelves that came with the unit.

  • Why is that?

Even though shelving units have the 1” on-center slotting, manufacturers have slight differences that cause competitor shelves to have an imperfect fit with their units. A different brand of shelf might be a little longer or shorter, changing the way it fits with the gondola unit.

Shelves are also made to fit the slot thickness of their own upright, not a competitor upright. The gauge of steel used in the uprights will vary causing another’s shelf or accessory to fit too tightly or loosely.

Shelves that imperfectly fit the gondola unit can create merchandising difficulties and even become a potential liability.

  1. Myth: Buy cheap, save money.

The saying “you get what you pay for” becomes evident if you procure display shelving based solely on cost. You might quickly find that the units you bought last year don’t match the units you bought the year before.

While the shelves may have been inexpensive, your inability to use them together ultimately costs you. If the shelving purchased is not interchangeable, then your cost is not having flexibility when you need it. If additional shelves do not match your existing shelf color, your cost is a mismatched look in your display. If you cannot obtain the number or size of shelves you need, your cost is limiting your merchandising potential.

All things considered, have you really saved money?

  1. Myth: Customers don’t care about shelving. They just want the product at a good price.

Five Myths of Gondola ShelvingYes, customers want product at a fair price. However, customers also want a stress-free, pleasant shopping experience to accompany a good price. The shopping experience, experts will tell you, not only helps sell product but also turns a one-time shopper into a lifelong customer.

Part of a shopper’s experience is the displays from which they purchase the product. Shelving inconsistent with the store’s merchandise, store theme, or in disrepair becomes the albatross to the very experience you want your shoppers to have.

Remember that customers often associate the appearance of displays with the quality of your product.

Orderly, attractive shelving communicates a high quality product to customers, thus increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

  1. Myth: The brand of shelving doesn’t matter.

Five Myths of Gondola ShelvingWhen you want a product that will last, you usually look for a brand with a reputation for durability. If you want a product with pizzazz, you go for the brand that represents the latest fashion trends.

When you need a product that is highly versatile, you look for a brand that has practical accessories that offer the greatest flexibility.   Savvy shoppers know brand matters and this philosophy applies to display fixtures too.

To dispel more myths and learn more about finding the right gondola shelving for your store, contact Midwest Retail Services today.

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