Midwest Retail Services Launches New Website


Welcome to the brand spankin’ new Midwest Retail Services website and blog!
We hope you’ll be as excited as we are to welcome a brand new website for Midwest Retail Services into the world!

This isn’t just a new coat of paint — the website has been completely and custom built from the ground up in order to make it more useful and responsive to the needs of our customers. By all means, have fun clicking around the website and discovering things for yourself, but allow us to give you the proverbial “nickel tour” and point out a few of the newest features that you can take for a test drive.

“Google-style” main page

mwrs-entryMost people who visit our website aren’t there to browse. You’re there to find a specific item and details or pricing on that item. The new landing page which greets visitors has a giant “Google-ish” search box at the top of the page along with our phone number. Type in exactly what you’re looking for and hit “enter” or just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.

You will also see a secondary button to enter the main website where you can find items by clicking traditional navigation menus. We also have six feature boxes with links beneath the Search box. Think of these as short cuts and quick links to the most popular sections of the website. We’ll change and update these from time to time, but we’ll keep the page clean and uncluttered and restrict our selves to the six boxes (Seven counting the search box!) It’s our own version of Google’s rule of 28.

Expanded navigation menu options

mwrs-menu01The old Midwest Retail Services website had a single product navigation menu with expanded sub-menus that only opened after you clicked and the page refreshed. Our new version has a similar menu, but the sub-menus “fly out” when you mouse-over them, saving you clicks and page load times in order to see what options and products fall under the top-level item.

Additionally, we’ve added to new tabs to the top of the main navigation menu which will allow to you see product listings by Brand or Category, so if you know you’re searching for a Streater product you can jump right to all Streater items via this menu. The Category tab will allow you to find recommended products sorted by your retail store type — we’re giving you direct product links to fixtures most-suited to C-store, Grocery, Pet, Liquor, Party Stores, and more. The site is new and we’re still adding options to these features, so please check back to see the listings expand.

Our goal is to make everything easier for you to find, no matter how you prefer to find it!


Exclusive: Gondola Shelving Calculator

There are plenty of other surprises in store for you on the new website that will roll-out over the next few weeks. Things like Live Chat for instant assistance, the ability to get exclusive discounts by setting up an online account, the premiere of our new email newsletter filled with expert ideas and advice to increase your profits and keep your customers coming back — but one of the things we are most proud of is our exclusive new Gondola Shelving Calculator!


Our new calculator is available 24/7 for you to get quick and accurate pricing on gondola shelving runs based on your specifications. Choose every option from shelf height to depth to color and brand and run length and you’ll see an instant list (and prices) for all the components you’ll need. If you fill out all ten options from the simple drop-menus, you’ll see exactly what you need and be able to add everything to your cart with a single click. You also have the option to increase or decrease quantities (perhaps you already have an extra Madix Upper Shelf in Sahara in your storeroom or need an extra as a replacement on an existing gondola unit in your store).

And if you still need questions answered or require special pricing for a custom setup, our professional fixture experts are a click or a call away, ready to help!

We are proud to unveil our new website to you and the rest of the world!

We’ll obviously be fixing all the little things that can go wrong with a new website launch as detailed as this one, so please pardon and temporary glitches you may encounter. Feel free to reach out to us directly if you spot something amiss or can’t locate something within the new site structure (but give our new Search box a try — it’s much improved over our old one!). If you have a question or a comment about the new site, please reach out to us via this handy online contact form and we’ll respond right away.

One last note — the site and all of its infrastructure has been completely rebuilt. In order to keep all previous data and information secure, we do require users to setup a new login to go with the new site. It’s super easy and only takes a moment to complete, We just need an email address and a password to get you registered.

We invite you to now go out and explore the rest of the site!

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About Midwest Retail Services

Midwest Retail Services provides all the store fixtures needed to start, expand, or update your retail store. We serve a wide variety of businesses including pharmacy, grocery, pet supply, party supply, book, C-Store, discount, and many other retailers. We also support POP design and fulfillment, retail designers, architects, contractors, installers, and store fixture resellers.