Potential Pitfalls of Used Display Shelving

Part 1 of 4: Potential Pitfalls of Used Display Shelving

The New Verses Used Steel Display Shelving Challenge

Every retailer knows the drill.

The drive to save money on store fixture costs.  If you are considering used equipment, especially from a store going-out-of-business, then it is always a good idea to get quotes for both new and used display fixtures.  The price is not always the big difference one might expect.  But there may be risks going the ‘used store fixture’ route. There are multiple areas to consider.

Here are suggested ways to avoid the pitfalls.

  • First, know who you are dealing with. A store owner may not know if their fixtures have everything your store needs.  A used store fixture agent will likely sell you complete units that are ready for you to install.
  • Second, are the fixtures dismantled, ready for pick-up/delivery, or will you, the buyer need to do all that.  Estimate this cost to include labor and transportation.
  • Third, ask the age and condition of the fixtures. Descriptions of ‘like new’ can have different meanings. Demand photos of the fixtures and storage conditions. Fixtures that have been ‘stored’ in moist conditions can cause rust and weakening of pegboard panels.
  • Fourth, what is the asking price based on; square footage or linear feet?  Using linear feet is the most common method and easier to compare cost for used fixtures. For further information about this calculation contact Midwest Retail Services.

Use the 4 items above to start evaluating your new vs. used store fixture purchase.

But here are some additional risk factors to consider.

  1. Manufacturer warranty: New has one, used usually does not
  2. Are the used fixtures still manufactured
  3. Can you get missing parts to complete assembly
  4. Does someone have the ability to identify, return or exchange parts
  5. Can you get additional shelving units that match what you bought
  6. If you have to purchase more than you need, what is the time and labor cost to dispose of what is not needed

Bottom line; make sure you have weighed all the factors in deciding to purchase new or used display shelving.  The overall price difference may be smaller than you think.

Part 2 of this series will look at used fixture sizes, required merchandising space, and balancing the two factors.

Part 3 will cover fixture brand, how to identify it and how that will impact your purchasing decision.  And lastly, Part 4 will look at the impact of new vs. used store fixtures on store image, function, and long-term value.

Be sure to visit us at Midwest Retail Services and call our experts that will help you in this process. Remember, knowledge is the power that brings value to your decisions.  Please call us today at 800-576-7577.


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